550 Squadron Photos

F/O H A Findlay and Crew

F/O H A Findlay flew with the following crew:

The pictures below show F/O Findlay and crew:

Click image F/O Findlay crew
L-to-R: Sgt Towle, Sgt Barton, Sgt Carter, F/O Findlay (P), F/Sgt Swan, F/O Melia, Sgt Daly

Thanks to Bill Towle (son of Sgt W Towle, R/AG) for making all of the following photos available:

Click image F/O Findlay crew, North Killingholme
L-to-R: Towle, Melia, Findlay, Carter, Barton, Daly and Swan.
Click image 30 OTU, Seighford
L-to-R: Towle, Barton and Daly
Click image 30 OTU, Seighford Sept 1944
L-to-R: Melia, Daly, Towle, F/O Findlay, Barton and Carter
Click image "Cookie"
Click image VE Day
L'to-R: Swan, F/O Findlay, Towle, Carter, Melia, Barton, Daly
Click image North Killingholme
F/O Findlay cockpit, Sgt Towle standing left.
Click image Naples, post-war

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