550 Squadron Photos

F/O J J W Dawson and Crew

F/O Dawson and crew :

Pictured below the F/O Dawson crew.

Click image F/O Dawson crew (including a number who flew some ops)
Click image Rear of photo: signtures of the above
J M Palmer (W/Op), J Earnshaw (MU/AG), E W C Edmunds (F/Eng), J W W Dawson (Pilot), F Willmer (Nav), W Harkness (R/AG), F/Sgt A C H Stack RAAF (B/A), F/Sgt R H Whiticar (A/B), C R Cronk RCAF (R/AG), J J Curtis RCAF (MU/AG)
Click image F/O J J W Dawson crew
Picture from the collection of Sgt Walters (F/Eng with the F/Lt Steele crew)
Thanks to Rod Walters (son of Sgt Walters) for making the photograph available
Click image F/O J J W Dawson crew (reverse)