550 Squadron

F/O L Wareham and Crew

F/O Wareham and crew were posted to 550 Squadron from No. 1 LFS Hemswell on 12th May 1944:

Washington family records say that John Washington flew as R/AG for the Wareham crew. The Kemp family records note that Bob Kemp flew as MU/AG (and never R/AG). So it would appear that the ORB has got details incorrect with respect to the gunnery positions.

The Kemp family noted that Bob Kemp's log book recorded several close calls during their tour with one notable entry for 2nd June 1944 involving ops on a gun battery at Calais during which the aircraft came under heavy ack ack fire and rolled over down to 10,000 feet before recovering!

The last entry in the Kemp log book reads, "11.8.44 / 13.05hrs / Aircraft B-QQ / Pilot F/O Wareham / Duty MU/G / Remarks:- Ops at Douai, marshalling yard, Last Trip, beat up Immingham Docks and the Navy destroyers- FUN !!"

- Personal experiences of the navigator, Brian Sibree
includes his training and all 30 operations
Source: Eamonn Washington (son of John Washington (A/G))
(ca. 12 Mbyte PDF format document)

See photo "Q" Queenie (LL837) bogged down off the perimeter track prior to Caen raid of 7th July 1944.