Berinzenne Memorial

All of the pictures and letters below are from the "Archives Musées de la Ville d'eaux de Spa" (made available via Wilfred Burie and Eric Moureau). The Association is grateful for permission to display these on the web-site.

The pictures show the crash site of 550 Squadron Lancaster ME581 and the Inauguration of the Memorial to the F/O Milburn crew.

Crash Site

There are a number of photos from the crash site taken on 27th August 1944, after the Germans had taken away the major parts of wreckage. The pictures shows the Count Henri d'Outrelmont and with friends trying to dig up an engine. The crash had occurred on April 23rd 1944 but they had not been able to go to the crash site as long as the parts of the aircraft were still being recovered by the Germans.

At the time of writing (January 2017) Count Henri, who is now over 90, still lives in Spa.

Count Henri d'Outrelmont (dark clothes),
Countess Liliane Dresse de Lébioles (back to camera)
and friends after trying to dig up an engine

Engine of Lancaster ME581

Trying to recover the engine

Berinzenne Memorial

A memorial to the crew was unveiled at the crash site in 1947 with relatives of the members of the crew coming from Canada and the UK to attend the unveiling.

Inauguration of the monument

Inauguration of the monument

L-to-R: Mr. Magan, Mr. Courtenay,
Mrs. Dowler, Mr. Courtenay

Mr. Magan

Mrs Milburn with her sisters Mrs Holroyd and Mrs Keymode

Mrs Milburn
(mother of the pilot)

Mrs Holroy and
Mrs Milburn (her last visit)