550 Squadron Photos

F/Sgt Jamieson & Crew

The F/Sgt Jamieson crew:

The picture below shows some of the Jamieson crew:

Click image F/Sgt Jamieson (p), F/O Butcher, Sgt Riley, F/Sgt Burlingham, F/Sgt Aucoin, F/Sgt J W Hamilton, F/Sgt Piper
Picture courtesy of Mark Simpson
Click image Back Row L-to-R: Walt Klementoski (R/G), Jim Hamilton (MU/AG), Bill Jamieson (P), Earl Butcher (Nav)
Front Row L-to-R: Joe Aucoin (W/Op), Unknown

Station Narrative No. 12

Station Narrative No. 12 is included in the Station Operational Record Book and describes the 16/17 Mar 1945 flight in which the R/AG was badly injured:

Click image Jamieson crew, Nurnberg, 16/17 Mar 1945
The R/AG was badly injured by cannon shell. The aircraft diverted to land at Manston. The R/AG later died of his wounds