Last updated 20/05/2011

We are using the Ashbourne Hotel in North Killingholme this year as the centre of 
activity for those attending the July reunion. This cuts out the return trip to 
Hull of previous years, so hopefully more folk will be able to attend the dinner 
on Saturday evening. 

Key points:
1.  Members should specify 550 Sqdn Assoc when booking for 1st and/or 2nd July 2011.
This will trigger the "550 offer" discount on room rates.
2.  Details about evening meal arrangements for both nights, and indeed a schedule 
for the weekend events in general, have now been published in the May Newsletter currently being distributed. 
3.  Members should discuss accessibility issues at the time of booking.
4.  Members should check the terms and conditions of booking when reserving their room. 
In addition, if members are attending by themselves and would prefer to share a twin room 
(a cheaper option if price is an issue) then this is also possible.
Expressions of interest in this option can be routed through this website to an association 
member who will be happy to act as the contact point for putting them in touch with each other.  

The hotel details are:

	The Ashbourne Hotel 
		Vicarage Lane
		North Killingholme
		DN40 3JL 
	Telephone: 	+44 (0) 1469 541010
	Fax: 		+44 (0) 1469 541020

The hotel has reserved a large block of rooms for the 550 Weekend. If you are going can you please let them 
know your booking details early, and by latest 18 June, so that they may release rooms should they not be
needed. Thanks. 

NB: it you visit the online booking system for the hotel you may well encounter unavailability of rooms
for the two nights in question (I know I did!). A number of rooms have been pre-booked/reserved for 550.
So DO NOT let this deter you - phone!!!