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Aircraft Details

Aircraft Details Associated Aircrew
Id Service Number Name No. of Ops BQ-Code Other Information Web Links Name
R PD221 - - BQ-R FTR 3/4 Feb 1945, Bottrop.
Crew all KIA.
At 18, Sgt Taerum was amongst the youngest airmen killed on Bomber Command operations.
F/O P H Spindler
F/O J A Beale
F/O G W Bell
F/O L B Cameron
F/O W F Cox
F/O M L Dubois
F/O R P Franklyn
F/L J Harris
F/L O A Hardy
P/O J R Rigby
F/O W D Robertson
F/O V A Thygessen
F/Sgt T T Savas
Sgt H Tulip
Sgt D Eldridge
Sgt G A Sutherland
F/Sgt J W White
Sgt F P Popple
Sgt J F Piertney
Sgt J G Hill
F/O R G Nye
Sgt C Stuart
Sgt J Holding
Sgt J F Moyle
W/O W J Howson
F/Sgt W H Cook
F/Sgt L C Taerum
Sgt A H Bowers
F/O T M Evans
F/O J H Graham
P/O L Brooks
F/O G H Pascoe
F/O A W L Lohrey
Sgt I S Freeman
F/O E B Hornsby
F/Sgt R W Richardson
F/Sgt P F Flux
F/Sgt W H Barrett
Sgt W A Bentley
Sgt H Moreton
Sgt A R Gow
F/Sgt D M Stephen
Sgt R Finlay
F/O E C Packham
Sgt A Pavlovitch
Sgt A E Howting
F/O H B Parker
F/Sgt G B Smith
Sgt V J Williams
Sgt M L Tretheway
F/O W K Mills
Sgt C J Cassan
Sgt R G Colban
F/O G S Devereau
F/O H G Manley
Sgt D R Hughes
F/O R G George
F/Sgt R Hill
F/O G T Brown
Sgt G B Ward
P/O J K McDonald
F/O J C Young
Sgt H Wood
Sgt R Eves
Sgt L R R Haynes
Sgt G L Grant
F/Sgt J H Elliott
Sgt R J McElroy
F/O D C R Hills
F/O B H Lowen
Sgt J F Noonan
Sgt D E Hookham
Sgt R West
Sgt S Dennis
F/Sgt R H Lucas
F/Sgt J A Dibley
F/Sgt R J Chester
Sgt K Sharp
Sgt P J James
G/C R V McIntyre
S/L B J Redmond
S/L E L Pickles

This aircraft is one of the 550 Squadron aircraft that was lost on operations.
The details of those air-crew who lost their lives while on operations in this aircraft are listed on the 550 Squadron Roll of Honour, see: PD221.

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