Last updated 30/06/2011

July 2
Please note that our afternoon events are scheduled around the Lancaster
flypast and the time for this has been changed to 2.10 PM
Our programme will now be:

11.45 AM opens at Amethyst Hotel, East Halton.

12.15 PM Buffet lunch at Amethyst Hotel. Pay £7.50 per head on the spot.
Alternatively, the Ashbourne Hotel can provide food but please notify in
advance (01469 541010 or

1.20 PM Leave Amethyst Hotel for North Killingholme. Medals can be worn.

1.45 PM Form up behind Immingham Air Cadet Band and march to 550 Squadron Memorial Stone.

2.10 PM Lancaster flypast.

2.20 PM Memorial Stone Service begins.

2.30 PM Service ends. Photo opportunity.

2.45 PM March back to Village Hall.

3.15 PM Service in St. Denys Church begins.

4.15 PM Service ends.

4.20 PM Tea in Village Hall. 550 Squadron Museum open.

6.30 PM Bar at Ashbourne Hotel open.

7.30 PM Dinner at Ashbourne Hotel. Pay on departure if non-resident.

This schedule is correct as of 29th June 2011 and replaces all previous
versions of the programme. We do not anticipate further alterations but
cannot guarantee that this will be the case.

Copies of the schedule are being posted in the local shop and will be available
at the Ashbourne and Amethyst hotels.

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